UPDATE: 4-Year Old Dog Bite Victim's Condition Upgraded to Good

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UPDATE: 4/24/2015 5:20 PM
The 4-year old dog bite victim, whose name is not being released in an effort to protect privacy, was flown via helicopter last night to Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus. Officials tell us she was playing with two friends and a neighbor's dog, when her two friends, ages eleven and ten, went upstairs, she stayed behind with the Mastiff-Pitbull mix.

One thing led to another and the dog's teeth were around this little girl's face. WTAP spoke to the Sergeant Kelly McGilton, who serves as the dog warden for the Washington County Sheriff's Department, who told us that, while the little girl's injuries are gruesome, the dog was not trying to hurt anyone.

"In my opinion, this was not a vicious attack. This was an annoyance bite. The mere size and power of a pitbull/mastiff mix, is what caused a substantial injury to the child's face." said McGilton.

The little girl suffered two severe lacerations to the face that went all the way through to the inside of her cheeks, as well as two puncture wounds below her eyes. She went through surgery last night; requiring seventy stitches to close those lacerations. She will also need to see an oral surgeon as the dog did take out a few of her teeth.

At this time, authorities do not believe the parents of the victim plan on pressing any charges against the owners of the dog, or the grandfather of the little girl's friends, who was home at the time of the incident. The dog is currently being kept in a ten-day quarantine at the Humane Society of the Mid-Ohio Valley. Once that seclusion is completed, the dog will be euthanized. It's a sad situation for everyone involved. But we do have some good news: the little girl's condition has been updated to good. We all certainly wish her the best in her recovery.

A 4-year-old girl is in serious but stable condition Thursday night.

Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks says the Lower Salem girl was attacked by a Pitbull Mastiff Mix on Main Street in Macksburg.

Officials say she was flown to a Columbus children’s hospital with severe facial injuries.

They say the owner voluntarily quarantined the dog, where it will remain for the next ten days.

Sheriff Mincks says he plans on seeking a court order to euthanize the dog.

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