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Cruise ship passengers desperately plead with Florida to allow them in

More than 1,400 other passengers are now pleading with Florida to allow them in, but officials say the state simply does not have the resources to take on an extra burden.

Ten people charged after police shut down engagement party

The hosts were charged with six counts of child endangerment for each of their six children in attendance.

FDA orders all Zantac heartburn products off store shelves

A contaminant found in the popular antacid may increase over time in storage and at higher temperatures, the FDA said.

Blood centers will collect plasma from COVID-19 survivors in bid for treatment

A few clinical trials have started testing the use of survivor plasma for coronavirus.

Queer festivals, drag performances and LGBTQ meetups turn digital

From a virtual drag queen festival to a queer artist roundtable, entertainers and advocates are finding innovative ways to lessen the sting of isolation.