Sony Announces New VENICE 2 Cinema Camera with 8.6K or 6K Sensors; More Info at B&H

Sony releases the redesigned VENICE 2 CineAlta cinema camera with the option of 8.6K or 6K sensors
Published: Nov. 15, 2021 at 10:00 AM EST

NEW YORK, Nov. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- B&H is excited to announce the latest cinema camera from Sony, the long-anticipated and longed-for VENICE 2 CineAlta cinema camera with 8.6K or 6K full-frame sensor options. The brand-new VENICE 2 8.6K CMOS sensor features an impressive 16-stop dynamic range, and the camera body features numerous updates including internal recording onto a high-speed AXS card, internal recording formats up to ProRes 4K 4444 and 422 HQ, an interchangeable sensor, and updated usability and body design. The camera promises to be a vast improvement for DPs, camera assistants, colorists, VR, and VFX departments with its high-resolution capture and beautiful, film-like imagery.

Sony VENICE 2 Digital Motion Picture Camera
Sony VENICE 2 Digital Motion Picture Camera
The brand-new VENICE 2 8.6K CMOS sensor features an impressive 16-stop dynamic range, high-speed AXS card  and more.

Sony VENICE 2 Digital Motion Picture Camera

Key Features

  • X-OCN Internal Recording
  • 4K ProRes 4444/422HQ Internal Recording
  • Interchangeable CMOS 6K Sensor Block
  • 15+ Stops of Dynamic Range,
  • Removable PL Mount, Cooke /i Protocol
  • Sony E-Mount with Electronic Contacts
  • 8 x Integrated ND Filters
  • Integrated Assistant-Side Info Screen

Working with the input of industry professionals, Sony kept the overall body I/O and mounting thread options similar to the modular design of the original VENICE, but with a slightly smaller and 10% lighter form factor. However, the major improvement that will really speak to a camera department is that the external AXS-R7 recorder is no longer required to record 4K RAW footage. Instead, you can record internally to new high-speed 6.6 Gb/s AXS S66 1TB cards that allow you to record X-OCN and 4K ProRes formats right in the camera to dual slots, saving the camera bulk and the need for additional components. The 6K sensor is the same sensor as the previous VENICE model that takes advantage of all the new body features, and the 8.6K sensor can capture full-frame 8640 x 5760 footage up to 30 fps.

The new VENICE 2 8.6K sensor also features a dual-base ISO of 800/3200 (vs 500/2500 on the 6K), windowing, oversampling 8.6K to 4K picture quality, and optimal VFX and VR support with its low noise, 8K output, and enhanced information. The 16 stops of total latitude on the 8.6K sensor provides superior image quality in low light, and it provides high detail in shadows and color separation while utilizing the original VENICE advanced color science. It also has multiple 4K capture resolutions in full frame, full-frame anamorphic, and Super 35, and there are easily selectable full-frame modes such as full 8.6K30, 8.2K60, 5.8K48, and 5.8K90.

Other updated features of the VENICE 2 to advance your production quality include the ability to apply 4K LUTs on output, 8K output over SDI (with the 8.6K sensor), an internal scratch microphone, a relocated LAN connector from the operator side to the assistant side, flexible anamorphic and full-frame license upgrades, improved 3D LUTs, Ethernet and wireless control of LUT and ASC-CDL configurations, and a 2-pin LEMO-type power output.

If you are thinking that you may be able to put the new 8.6K sensor into your original VENICE, sorry folks. Since the 6K sensor is the same, you can put your VENICE 1 6K sensor into your VENICE 2, but 8.6K backwards compatibility is not supported. The original VENICE will still be available, though considering all the improvements, if you're in a color, camera, or FX department, the VENICE 2 is an attractive choice for your 8.6K or 6K productions.

Learn more on the new VENICE 2 Cinema Camera at B&H Explora

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