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Parkersburg, WV. 26101

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Ken Long - Ext. 105
Station Vice President and General Manager

Sarah Misel - Ext. 106
Accounting and Human Resources

Dirk Kreiss - Ext. 120
Programming and Promotions Director

Jeff Nutter - Ext. 117
Creative Director

Phillip Hickman - Ext. 122
News Director

Jim Wharton - Ext. 127
Sports Director

Ryan Kaufman (Mon-Fri 12 A.M.-9 A.M.) - Ext. 228
Daybreak Producer

Larry White - Ext. 110
Production Manager

Kevin Buskirk - Ext. 131

Closed Captioning
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Mike Jones
Director of National Political Sales
Gray Television – Washington, DC
desk: (202) 400-0598

CBS Programming

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