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Fri Jan 24 15:35:48 PST 2020

WTAP 6 - This is Home: Dawg House Gym

A boxing gym in Parkersburg is our This is Home feature

WTAP 6 - This is Home: Dawg House Gym

A boxing gym in Parkersburg is our This is Home feature

WTAP 5 - Nurse's babies

Two nurses at CCMC had babies within hours of each other

WTAP 5 - 7th Street fire

An update on a fire that sends one person to the hospital

WTAP 5 - PACF Luncheon

A lunch was held in Vienna to discuss childhood trauma

WTAP 5 - Jackson County murder charge

An Arnoldsburg man is jailed and facing a murder charge

WTAP 5 - Wirt County 2nd Amendment Sanctuary

Wirt County became the first MOV county to declare themselves a second amendment sanctuary


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Arizona supreme court rules woman cannot use frozen embryos made with ex-husband

The Arizona Supreme Court ruled Ruby Torres cannot use the frozen embryos she created with her ex-husband, and instead they must be donated to another couple. The state passed a law in 2018 requiring frozen embryos to go to the partner most likely to pursue a birth, but the law is not retroactive and can’t get Torres out of a previously signed contract.

Navy investigating who took secret videos of sailors in a bathroom and posted to porn site

Investigators believe the videos — found on the website Porn Hub — were taken through a peephole and caught unsuspecting service members undressing.

Rodeo celebrates black cowboys and cowgirls in history of the American west

The Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo honors the legacies and contributions of black cowboys and cowgirls in history, while giving a new generation of rodeo pros the opportunity to show off their skills.

Investigation underway after deadly explosion shakes Houston

The gas explosion on Friday morning killed two workers and damaged hundreds of homes in Northwest Houston. The ATF’s National Response Team is now working to determine what triggered the deadly blast.

California woman dies after clothing gets caught in raisin processing machine

Her loose clothing apparently got caught in a machine in Fresno County.