What's Trending - Feb. 11, 2019

What's Trending - Feb. 11, 2019

WTAP's Briana Aldridge and Thomas Battle show you What's Trending online today!

This Is Home: History of Mound Cemetery In Marietta

This Is Home: History of Mound Cemetery In Marietta

To Your Health: Research Into Breast Implant Illness

There is a new push to find out why thousands of women in the U.S. claim their breast implants are making them sick. They say they suffer from what's being labeled as "breast implant illness," but doctors have long said that condition doesn't clinically exist.

What's trending 2/22/19

Thomas and Brandon take a look at a turkey on the loose and a chocolate covered catwalk!

Forecast for February 22nd

Forecast for February 22nd

Health: Dermatologists Urge Key West To Reconsider Ban on Sunscreen Ingredient

Key West, Florida is the latest city to ban certain sunscreens with certain chemicals that could harm coral reefs. The ban won't go into effect until 2021, but the move is already ringing alarm bells in the medical community. The American Academy of Dermatologists wants Key West to reconsider the ban.

To Your Health: Trip With Grandson Saves Grandfather's Life

What started as a boy's day out for a North Carolina grandfather and his grandson quickly turned into something much more. The outing potentially saved the man's life, and it wasn't a trip to a local hospital - it was a visit to a children's museum.


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College star's shoe exploded as NBA seems poised to let players go pro at 18

The league and the National Basketball Players Association are in talks to lower the minimum age for entering the NBA draft from 19 to 18.

Venezuela orders partial closure of Colombian border as U.S. plans to deliver aid

Two people were reportedly killed by Venezuelan soldiers near the Brazil border. The White House said violations of human rights "will not go unpunished."

Trump's wall prototypes on U.S.-Mexico border to be torn down

Money has already been set aside for their removal, a U.S. Border Patrol official said.

R. Kelly, charged with sexually abusing underage victims, has turned himself in

Kelly faces 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

Cohen said to be providing new information to feds

Sources said the president's former lawyer is offering information about Trump Organization individuals and the Trump Inaugural Committee.