Tue Jun 18 04:13:06 PDT 2019

Forecast for June 18th

Forecast for June 18th

WTAP 6 - This is Home: Friends and Neighbors Food Bank

For our This is Home, we visit a food bank in Coolville

WTAP 6 - Parkersburg Thriller flash mob

An annual Halloween flash mob is happening in Parkersburg

WTAP 6 - Career center bans tobacco

The Washington County Career Center has banned tobacco products from its campus

WTAP 5 - Bill Johnson visits Ft. Frye

A congressman visited the Mid-Ohio Valley to talk about leadership

WTAP 5 - W.Va. hemp production increases

We get reaction to the state hemp production increase


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NBC News Headlines

Gunman with 'anger management issues' kills five neighbors in Chicago

"We don’t know what set him off tonight," a police official said.

U.S. troops to withdraw from northern Syria as ISIS supporters escape amid alleged Turkish atrocities

Turkey's invasion began Wednesday after President Donald Trump first ordered U.S. troops to pull back from the area to clear the way.

Texas woman shot dead by police in her home remembered as 'peaceful woman'

A family lawyer said Atatiana Jefferson, who was with her nephew, was fatally shot while investigating a noise in her backyard.

Woman needed surgery after waiter put liquid nitrogen in drink, suit claims

Stacey Wagers says she had to have her gall bladder and parts of her stomach removed after drinking water with liquid nitrogen at The Don CeSar Hotel.

Football player makes viral tackle on his own teammate

Kha’ron Thrower of Fairfield High School raced nearly the length of the field to catch a fellow Falcon who was running the wrong way.