Coal-fired power plant regs

Coal-fired power plant regs

Trump administration replaces Obama-era regulations on coal-fired power plants.

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We examine how police in Australia captured a man accused of having more than 600 pounds of drugs.. and we look at a scooter on a busy interstate.

Forecast for July 23rd

Forecast for July 23rd

WTAP 6 - Church purchases backpacks

A local church is able to purchase numerous school supplies to donate to the community.

WTAP 6 - PRO officers needed

Local law enforcement is looking for PRO officers to place at local schools.

WTAP 6 - Pleasants power station

Legislation is being considered to keep Pleasants power station running

WTAP 6 - Grand jury indictments

20 indictments were made by a grand jury on Monday.


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$5,000 tip on $55 bill leads to woman's arrest in Florida

The woman is accused of using her boyfriend's credit card to leave the tip as revenge, and she's charged with theft in the incident.

ICE came for their neighbor, so these Tennesseans formed a human chain to protect him

Neighbors delivered food, water and gasoline to the man, who was with a child in a van, as ICE agents stayed at the home for hours.

Warrants issued in Puerto Rico chat scandal

The island's Department of Justice issued warrants for the cellphones of some of Gov. Ricardo Rosselló's close associates.

R. Kelly's crisis manager resigns for 'personal reasons' following 'pedophilia' comment

The resignation came after Darrell Johnson said he would not leave his daughter alone with an accused pedophile, which he says was taken out of context.

Opponents of Georgia abortion ban ask court to block it during legal challenge

The law bans abortions as early as six weeks into pregnancy, before many women know they are pregnant, and is set to take effect Jan. 1.