WTAP 6 - Wash. Co. health department changes

Thu Jul 18 15:40:43 PDT 2019

WTAP 6 - Wash. Co. health department changes

The Washington County board of health has voted to remove the current commissioner

WTAP 5 - Christmas Eve declared holiday for W.Va. state workers

Gov. Justice thanks workers for their efforts

WTAP 5 - Career Center touts industrial maintenance

Program hopes to overcome worker shortage

WTAP 5 - Flu season starts early

Earliest start in 15 years, officials say

WTAP 5 - Vienna car break-ins

Residents complain about break-ins

WTAP 5 - Icy driving conditions

Drivers reminded that bridges, overpasses freeze first

WTAP 5 - Ex-Marshall student out of jail

Jospeh Hardin accused of sexual assault


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'Why this small bodega?': Jersey City Jewish community mourns deadly grocery attack

The grocery store where the shooting occurred functioned as a hub for the small but growing Hasidic community in Jersey City.

Security camera hacked in Mississippi family’s child’s bedroom

A strange voice came out of the camera’s microphone as a cyberspy hacked into the popular home security device.

Family sues Royal Caribbean after toddler died falling from cruise ship window

Grandfather Sam Anello had held up 18-month-old Chloe Wiegand to a cruise ship railing and she fell to her death out a window he didn’t realize was open. The girl’s parents filed a civil lawsuit claiming Royal Caribbean was negligent in adequately marking open windows. Anello is being charged in Puerto Rico with negligent homicide. The family opposes the charge and says it adds to their grief.

'Tickets to nowhere': Fake travel agent scammed people out of $400K

One accuser thought they were buying a trip to Disney World for a family with a member battling cancer, the Pennsylvania attorney general says.

FAA review found Boeing 737 Max had higher crash risk

The new head of the FAA was grilled by Congress over the Boeing 737 Max, including how managers had warned that another Max could crash every two to three years after the first deadly crash. Stephen Dickson told lawmakers his “biggest priority” is to ensure this doesn’t happen again.