Thu Aug 22 04:12:31 PDT 2019

Forecast for August 22nd

Forecast for August 22nd

WTAP 11 - Schools to close in Marietta

Two elementary schools in Marietta will be closing in 2021

What's Trending, 2/25/20

Brittany reveals the name of her first child, Italians throw fruit at each other, and a game designed to mess up your local news anchors.

Forecast for February 25th

Forecast for February 25th

Overdose deaths up in 2019

Wood County Coroner releases death statistics for 2019.

Housing improvement money

HUD money granted to area counties and cities.


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Snoop Dogg tells Jada Pinkett Smith he wanted to 'protect' Kobe Bryant's family

The rapper posted an expletive-laden video attacking Gayle King for asking about Bryant's rape case in an interview. He later apologized.

Weinstein victim on verdict: 'It was a huge relief that the jury got it'

"I felt just very grateful that I'd been heard and believed," the former "Project Runway" production assistant, a key witness in the Hollywood mogul's rape trial, told CBS News.

Video shows police arresting 6-year-old girl at school

The child had zip ties put around her wrists as she cried and pleaded to be let go.

After three attempts, 'Leaning Tower of Dallas' still refuses to come down

After more than a week and multiple attempts to take it down, the "Leaning Tower of Dallas" in Texas continues to stand despite crews trying to topple it with a wrecking ball.

Announcer calls girl basketball players' names 'pretty disgusting'

Most of the players on the Oklahoma high school's team are minorities, some on social media noted.