WTAP 5 - 9/11 attacks remembered in the MOV

Wed Sep 11 14:44:05 PDT 2019

WTAP 5 - 9/11 attacks remembered in the MOV

Ceremonies held at PHS, WVUP

Student Athlete of the Week: Braxton Amos

This week's Student Athlete of the Week is Braxton Amos at Parkersburg South

WTAP 5 - Free pancake day

IHop in Marietta donated to charities for free pancake day

WTAP 5 - WVUP Black History Month

WVUP hosted an event where people could watch "The Tuskegee Airmen"

WTAP 5 - THC in Tyler County candies

Some candy in Tyler County may be dangerous to children

WTAP 5 - Car located from high speed chase

An abandoned car linked to the high speed chase was located in Parkersburg

WTAP 5 - Fallen wall update

An update on the fallen restraining wall that injured at Parkersburg Housing Authority employee


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Person found dead at 9,400 feet on Mount Hood in Oregon; crews try to recover body

The sheriff's office initially said it was looking at the incident as a rescue after a call came in from a climber with Portland Mountain Rescue.

Two cheetah cubs born by IVF for first time

The cubs were born from in vitro fertilization to a surrogate cheetah mother in an effort to save the species. There are only 7,000 cheetahs left in the wild, where only 5 percent of cubs survive.

Inside Amazon’s first cashless “Go” supermarket

NBC’s Jo Ling Kent takes us to Seattle, where Amazon today opened its first cashless supermarket. Customers enter by scanning an app – and using sensors on the shelves and cameras in the store, their amazon account is charged for what they’ve taken.

Body-camera footage shows Florida police arresting 6-year-old girl at school

The incident, captured on body cameras last September, took place after staff at an Orlando charter school complained the girl was acting out.

College admissions scandal: Hot Pockets heiress sentenced to five months in prison

Michelle Janavs admitted to paying $300,000 to cheat the college admissions process for three of her daughters. Prosecutors named her one of the “most culpable parents” charged.