Tue Nov 19 04:12:25 PST 2019

Forecast for November 19th

Forecast for November 19th

Fulton family pkg

Interview with the family of mother and son who died in a 1995 fire.

WTAP 11 - Harmony Ridge Recovery

A deep look inside Harmony Ridge Recovery Center and their patients

Sketch the Outdoors-Holly Jolly Christmas by Griffin Smith

Sketch the Outdoors-Holly Jolly Christmas by Griffin Smith

Parkersburg Vienna parades

PKB and Vienna Christmas parades set for Saturday.

Fulton family talks

Family of Kimberly and Daniel Fulton speaks about latest attempt to find their killer.

TIH-Henderson Hall

Henderson Hall decorated for the holidays.


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NBC News Headlines

Disease killing Florida’s orange trees and spiking juice prices

A disease called “citrus greening” is killing orange trees, ruining the fruit and putting Florida growers’ livelihoods at risk. Fruit from infected trees often have less juice, causing prices to jump almost 19 percent over the last year.

4-year-old twins survive horrifying car crash into Washington State ravine

The twin girls were on a trip with their father when the car careened down a steep ravine. Their father died but the girls survived, helped each other out of the car and climbed to the road, where a woman saw them and called authorities.

Caroll Spinney, puppeteer who brought Big Bird to life, dies at 85

Spinney, the legendary puppeteer who brought iconic Sesame Street characters Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch to life, died on Sunday at his home in Connecticut. He spoke to NBC’s Harry Smith last year to mark his 50 year career with the show.

Police arrest California man who appeared to simulate mass shooting in videos

In graphic video posted online, a Southern California man talks to himself inside a hotel room and takes aim using a cache of weapons at pedestrians on the street below. The 30-year-old was arrested after police received an anonymous tip from someone in the man’s online gaming community.

What we know about the investigation into Pensacola naval base gunman

A big focus on the investigation is on Alshamrani’s travel. Law enforcement officials say after he arrived in the U.S. for training, he returned to Saudi Arabia then came back to Florida. His friends say he came back much stricter about his beliefs, leading authorities to question if he had been radicalized abroad.