Fri Nov 22 04:21:12 PST 2019

Sherry Workout, 11/22/19

Sherry from Custom Fitness tells Brittany and Thomas how to shed off that extra Thanksgiving weight

WTAP 6 - This is Home: The Castle in Marietta

We explore how the Castle in Marietta decorates for Christmas for the This is Home feature

WTAP 5 - PHS cheerleaders competing for states

The PHS cheerleaders are competing at the state level for the first time in three years

WTAP 5 - WMOA Christmas Zoo

Stuffed animals are donated to a "Christmas Zoo" in Marietta each year

WTAP 5 - Senior Center ribbon-cutting

The Wood County Senior Center had it's ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday

WTAP 5 - National Guard opened recruiting office

In honor of their 383rd birthday, the Ohio National Guard opened a new recruiting center in Marietta

WTAP 5 - Veteran's museum possibly closing location

A meeting will be held to determine the fate of the Veteran Museum's 7th Street location


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NBC News Headlines

Giant winter storm barrels across Midwest

As many six people in two states were killed in accidents that may have been weather-related, authorities said.

Newtown wins football championship exactly 7 years after Sandy Hook shooting

With just seconds left in the state championship, Newtown High School scored a game-winning touchdown off a 36-yard pass. It was a moment of joy on a difficult day — exactly seven years after 20 young children and six adults were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Communities near military bases fear drinking water contaminated with ‘forever chemical’

The government acknowledges that the chemical PFAS, used by the military in firefighting drills for decades, could be linked to cancer and other health issues. In one Pennsylvania town where the PFAS levels are among the highest in the country, residents fear the substance could be linked to cancer in the community.

Hallmark under fire over commercial showing same-sex couples

The Hallmark Channel is facing backlash after their decision to pull an ad for the wedding website Zola that featured two women kissing amid pressure from conservative groups.

Emotional vigil for murdered New York City college student

The Barnard College community and city leaders gathered in the New York City park where 18-year-old Tessa Majors was stabbed to death for an emotional vigil. The search is intensifying for her killers after a 13-year-old boy was charged in the case.