To Your Health: Hurricane & Emergency Preparedness Tips

Whether it be a Category 4 hurricane or another emergency, you'll fare best if you've got the basic preparedness down. How much food do you need? Do you have all your medicines packed? What important documents should you bring? We have tips for preparing in today's "To Your Health!"

This Is Home: Parkersburg Salvation Army-1/18/19

This Is Home: Parkersburg Salvation Army-1/18/19

To Your Health: A Healthy Diet That's More Sustainable For Earth's Environment

There are billions of people on this earth, and the population is growing, but can our natural resources grow with us? That's a major concern, especially when it comes to our food supply. Watch this video to learn about a new diet that some scientists say could be the key to sustainability.

To Your Health: Some People Should Avoid Eating Too Many Bananas

A lot of people are trying to stick to a new diet this year, some of which include eating more fruits and vegetables. Bananas have more sugar and carbohydrates than other fruits, and one popular diet even says to avoid them.

What's Trending 1/18/19

Thomas and Briana take a look at what's trending on the internet today.

Forecast for January 18th

Forecast for January 18th

WTAP 5-Opioids More Likely To Be Prescribed In Rural Areas-1/17/19

WTAP 5-Opioids More Likely To Be Prescribed In Rural Areas-1/17/19


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Jailed as a spy, freed British grad student warns of UAE repression

Hedges, whose research focused on the United Arab Emirates' security services, said the UAE government is shutting down debate on taboo subjects.

Nazi salute, sign in post by students condemned by school officials

The students gave a Nazi salute while holding a poster that said, “Sweethearts would be a Hit(ler) w/ you, and I could Nazi myself going w/ anyone else."

Wrongfully convicted man sells prison art to make ends meet

Richard Phillips, the longest-serving U.S. inmate to win exoneration, is currently displaying around 50 pieces of his work in a Detroit gallery to make ends meet.

4 boys charged with kidnapping, raping girl in Delaware

Police arrested four boys ranging in age from 12 to 14 for allegedly forcing the girl into a home and raping her last month.

Uninsulated power conductors blamed for fires

Pacific Gas and Electric said it's reviewing the judge's statement.