Fatal Avery St. Stabbing

A man is dead after a stabbing at his Avery Street home.

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We examine how police in Australia captured a man accused of having more than 600 pounds of drugs.. and we look at a scooter on a busy interstate.

Forecast for July 23rd

Forecast for July 23rd

WTAP 6 - Church purchases backpacks

A local church is able to purchase numerous school supplies to donate to the community.

WTAP 6 - PRO officers needed

Local law enforcement is looking for PRO officers to place at local schools.

WTAP 6 - Pleasants power station

Legislation is being considered to keep Pleasants power station running

WTAP 6 - Grand jury indictments

20 indictments were made by a grand jury on Monday.


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'We got to go!': Dramatic video shows officer rescue driver from fiery crash

The officer is seen dragging a driver from the burning vehicle on its side. The 28-year-old man was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Pennsylvania father arrested for fatally shooting teenage boy over alleged drugs

Michael D'Biagio, 41, was taken into custody on criminal homicide and aggravated assault charges, police said.

Virginia school's transgender bathroom ban is back in court

The hearing is the latest step in a yearslong legal battle that has come to embody the debate over transgender student rights.

Fiancée sues over principal's death in bone marrow procedure

The high school principal was planning to donate the bone marrow to a French teenager.

Deadly fungal infections may increase with global warming

Very sick patients in the hospital are most vulnerable to Candida auris, which is resistant to most drugs.