Daybreak interview with Lawyer George Cosenza 6/20/19

Daybreak interview with Lawyer George Cosenza 6/20/19

Lawyer George Cosenza talks about a scary situation that took place in phoenix that was all caught on video...

What's Trending 7/23/19

We examine how police in Australia captured a man accused of having more than 600 pounds of drugs.. and we look at a scooter on a busy interstate.

Forecast for July 23rd

Forecast for July 23rd

WTAP 6 - Church purchases backpacks

A local church is able to purchase numerous school supplies to donate to the community.

WTAP 6 - PRO officers needed

Local law enforcement is looking for PRO officers to place at local schools.

WTAP 6 - Pleasants power station

Legislation is being considered to keep Pleasants power station running

WTAP 6 - Grand jury indictments

20 indictments were made by a grand jury on Monday.


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Hospitals are offering free hernia screenings, but do patients need them?

Some hospital are touting free hernia screenings, but experts say they could lead to unnecessary surgeries.

Museum Fire in Arizona still out of control, already consumed 1,800 acres

"We have close to 600 personnel on the fire right now as we speak, we have zero containment as this point," the incident commander, Rich Nieto, said Tuesday.

ICE tries to detain man at Tennessee home and neighbors form a human chain to protect him

Neighbors delivered food, water and gasoline to the man, who was with a child in a van, as ICE agents stayed at the home for hours.

Financier Jeffrey Epstein appeals bail denial decision

Epstein wants the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse the judge's conclusion that he is a danger to the community and a flight risk.

'We got to go!': Dramatic video shows officer rescue driver from fiery crash

The officer is seen dragging a driver from the burning vehicle on its side. The 28-year-old man was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.