WTAP Noon - Man arrested for threats

WTAP Noon - Man arrested for threats

A man has been arrested for terrorist threats against local judges.

WTAP 11 - Ohio U band

Ohio University's marching band starts their 52nd year.

Artsbridge Update

Artsbridge Update

Forecast for August 22nd

Forecast for August 22nd

WTAP 6 - Ducky Derby winner gets car

A woman who won the Rubber Ducky Derby took home a brand new car.

WTAP 6 - Father of abducted daughter charged

The father of the girl who was abducted faces charges.

WTAP 6 - Hino motors grand opening

Hino had their grand opening, along with some job news.


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New England Patriots defensive veteran indicted on cocaine charge

The veteran safety has played on three Super Bowl winning teams in his 9-year career.

Video shows emotional reunion after infant was trapped in hot car

"How do you forget your baby?” the mother who was charged with one count of child abuse can be heard saying on the video. Her baby survived.

NYPD commissioner says firing Daniel Pantaleo was a 'difficult decision'

Eric Garner died in July 2014 after Pantaleo put him in a chokehold during an arrest. The officer was fired from the New York City Police Department on Monday.

A U.S. citizen was put in jail because of his Latino name and skin color, lawsuit says

"He has a family, owns a home, and has worked in local Baton Rouge industry for years," the lawsuit says.

Head chef of a renowned NYC restaurant has mysteriously vanished

The 33-year-old chef uncharacteristically missed work Monday. He hasn't been seen since.