WTAP Noon - Alligator found in Pleasants County

Fri Aug 16 11:43:46 PDT 2019

WTAP Noon - Alligator found in Pleasants County

Officers corralled alligator on Middle Island Creek Road

WTAP 5 - Gun sales for women

Gun sales for women have gone up in recent years

WTAP 5 - School bus safety measures

In response to the school bus accident in Ohio, local schools are adding safety measures

WTAP 5 - Senior center activities

A recent study shows W. Va. older americans are unhappy

WTAP 5 - Fairmont hospital plans to downsize

A West Virginia hospital has plans to downsize

WTAP 5 - Foster care bill passed

The W. Va. House of Delegates approves a foster care bill

WTAP 5 - Candidate appointments invalid

Two candidate appointments in Parkersburg have been ruled invalid


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'I'm a Trump-ocrat': Blagojevich thanks president for setting him free

After his release from prison, Blagojevich, who was a Democrat, said that he's "profoundly grateful" to President Donald Trump.

Notorious killer Charles Starkweather's ex-girlfriend denied pardon by Nebraska

Starkweather went on an infamous rampage in the 1950s with then girlfriend Caril Ann Fugate at his side, later immortalized in movies and hit songs.

Mexican man arrested in Miami and accused of being an agent of Russia

The Mexican national was stopped at Miami International Airport and charged with failing to register as an agent of a foreign power, Russia.

This new Yankees coach is already making history

Rachel Balkovec is believed to be the first woman hired by a major league team as a full-time minor league hitting coach.

Boy Scouts of America files for bankruptcy protection

The 110-year-old national organization has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, as it faces an onslaught of lawsuits alleging rampant sexual abuse.