WTAP 11 - Alligator in Pleasants County

Sat Aug 17 08:04:38 PDT 2019

WTAP 11 - Alligator in Pleasants County

Officers recover alligator in rural W.Va.

WTAP 6 - St. Joes haunted house

A local recovery center is opening a haunted house fundraiser

WTAP 6 - Wash. Co. Imagination Library

Books are being purchased by a company to give books to little kids

WTAP 6 - Parkersburg Housing Authority

The housing authority discusses their homeownership program

WTAP 6 - Medicare changes during open enrollment

Medicare changes are allowed during Ohio's open enrollment period

WTAP 6 - W.Va. substance abuse plan

WV is doing what they can to improve opioid policy in the state

WTAP 6 - Commissioners across WV meeting

Commissioners across the state of West Virginia met to discuss several topics


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"It triggers the trauma": Atatiana Jefferson shooting fuels tensions with police in Fort Worth

“It’s always been kind of like that around here,” says a resident of the same neighborhood where Jefferson was fatally shot by former Officer Aaron Dean.

Joint pain injection may be more harmful than thought

The shots may speed up the progression of arthritis and hasten the need for surgery.

Felicity Huffman begins prison sentence for college admissions scam

The actress will spend 14 days inside a federal lockup outside San Francisco.

Deputies ask man to quit calling about his stolen marijuana

Authorities say a Florida man repeatedly called 911 to report that his roommate had stolen his marijuana.

Surreal steal: Man walks out of San Francisco gallery with Dali painting

The suspect can be seen on security footage grabbing the painting, titled "Surrealistic Bullfight: Burning Giraffe," off the wall and walking out the door.