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Forecast for September 12th

Forecast for September 12th

What's Trending, 1/28/20

Over 1,000 lbs of dip, a 9 year old strongman, and cute cuddly panda cubs!

Forecast for January 28th

Forecast for January 28th

WTAP 6 - Commissioner appointment delayed

GOP commissioner in Wood County has been delayed because of a dispute

WTAP 5 - Stephen Smith visits Parkersburg

A candidate for governor visits a restaurant in Parkersburg

WTAP 5 - Raising minimum wage in Ohio

The Ohio A.G. proposes annual minimum wage increases

WTAP 5 - How to prevent house fires

The Parkersburg Fire Chief discusses how to prevent house fires


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'He was ours': Kimmel, Fallon, Ellen give emotional tributes to Kobe Bryant

"Life is short and it’s fragile, and we don’t know how many birthdays we get so ... just celebrate life,” Ellen DeGeneres said. “And if you haven’t told someone you love them, do it now."

Handcuffed man shot and killed inside Maryland police cruiser

The man was taken into custody by Prince George's County police responding to reports that a driver had struck multiple vehicles.

Psychedelic drug eased cancer patients' anxiety, depression for years

The new research looked at cancer patients who took part in a study nearly five years ago.

College football coach suspended after saying he'd like to have dinner with Hitler

"It was obviously very sad and he had bad motives, but the way he was able to lead was second-to-none," the coach said.

2 dead at Rocky Mountain National Park were mother, toddler son

Both Tristen Watson and her 17-month-old child died of gunshot wounds to the head in a suicide and homicide, the coroner's office said.