WTAP 5 - PHS cheerleaders competing for states

Fri Dec 13 14:42:03 PST 2019

WTAP 5 - PHS cheerleaders competing for states

The PHS cheerleaders are competing at the state level for the first time in three years

What's Trending, 1/21/20

Squirrel's riding jet-skis, Michelle Obama's workout playlist, and Brittany adds another animal to the list of things she wants Thomas to get her.

Forecast for January 21st

Forecast for January 21st

WTAP 5 - Bus driver shortage

Belpre City Schools are dealing with a nationwide shortage of bus drivers

WTAP 5 - Jody Murphy files

Democratic candidate Jody Murphy officially filed for the office of W. Va. governor

WTAP 5 - Salvation Army and the cold

The Salvation Army has seen an increase of residents at their shelter due to the cold weather

WTAP 5 - Safe heating in your home

Grogg's Heating and Air gives you safety tips on keeping your house warm


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Mother admits to killing three kids found dead in Phoenix home, police say

The children, a 3-year-old boy, a 2-year-old girl and a 7-month-old girl, were found unresponsive Monday.

Delta to give workers two months' extra pay, a total of $1.6 billion in bonuses

The airline is giving its 90,000 employees its largest profit-sharing payout to date.

'A human right': Homeless moms evicted from Oakland home allowed to return

The eviction of two moms, Dominique Walker and Sameerah Karim, from a vacant home sparked debate over the lack of affordable housing in the region.

What united Black Panthers, Puerto Ricans and white Southerners?

In Chicago, a Black Panther member enlisted Latinos and white Southerners to fight police misconduct and poverty in Chicago in the late 60s.

Mountain lion attacks 3-year-old in California park

The state's Department of Fish and Wildlife gave approval to euthanize the animal "due to the public safety threat."