WTAP 6 - This is Home: The Castle in Marietta

Fri Dec 13 15:36:44 PST 2019

WTAP 6 - This is Home: The Castle in Marietta

We explore how the Castle in Marietta decorates for Christmas for the This is Home feature

What's Trending, 1/21/20

Squirrel's riding jet-skis, Michelle Obama's workout playlist, and Brittany adds another animal to the list of things she wants Thomas to get her.

Forecast for January 21st

Forecast for January 21st

WTAP 5 - Bus driver shortage

Belpre City Schools are dealing with a nationwide shortage of bus drivers

WTAP 5 - Jody Murphy files

Democratic candidate Jody Murphy officially filed for the office of W. Va. governor

WTAP 5 - Salvation Army and the cold

The Salvation Army has seen an increase of residents at their shelter due to the cold weather

WTAP 5 - Safe heating in your home

Grogg's Heating and Air gives you safety tips on keeping your house warm


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1st case of coronavirus from China confirmed in U.S.

Rapid increases in the illness has raised concerns the virus could circulate through "super-spreaders."

School custodian fired for taking box of Christmas candy sues district

Peter Marro said he thought the wrapped boxes he saw in the school maintenance room were "a year-end thank you" gift from the staff.

U.S. says it will deport Honduran mom, sick children to Guatemala

Both children have been hospitalized in recent days. “The mother is desperate. She thought her baby was going to die,” says a doctor.

Harvey Weinstein's legal team claims it has 'dozens' of 'loving' emails from witnesses

The judge overseeing Weinstein's rape trial ruled Tuesday that the producer's defense attorneys can talk about the emails but cannot show them.

Video shows North Carolina dad tackling son's wrestling match opponent

Barry Lee Jones was charged with two misdemeanors, simple assault and disorderly conduct.