WTAP 6 - This is Home: Artsbridge

Fri Jan 17 15:38:59 PST 2020

WTAP 6 - This is Home: Artsbridge

Artsbridge in Parkersburg is our This is Home feature

WTAP 6 - This is Home: PCMS STEAM Day

STEAM Day at Pleasants County Middle is our This is Home feature

WTAP 6 - WSCC Engineering Day

Friday was engineering day at Washington State Community College

WTAP 5 - Athens County Prom Impact

High schoolers were taught good decision making during prom

WTAP 5 - CCMC Heart Healtl Luncheon

A Heart Health luncheon was held at the Parkersburg Art Center

WTAP 5 - Blood drive for cancer patients

The Red Cross and American Cancer Socirty is holding a blood drive for cancer patients

WTAP 5 - Bill Johnson visits Elpro

Congressman Bill Johnson visited a business in Marietta


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NBC News Headlines

For Weinstein accusers, an interminable wait for a verdict

"Whatever way the verdict comes down feels so important — personally and for victims and survivors everywhere.”

California bills aim to shut down dog blood banks accused of abuse, negligence

Animal rights groups say dogs are kept in cages and have their blood drained every week in order to save the life of other pets.

'They lied to us': Mom says police deceived her to get her DNA and charge son with murder

A murder case raises the question: Is it OK for police to lie to get an innocent person's DNA?

Bus rollover on highway embankment kills 3, injures at least 18

The crash occurred around 10:30 a.m. near Fallbrook. “We are brokenhearted to report we have 3 deceased on scene,” the fire department tweeted.

Two academics in their 70s who vanished from cottage are found alive

"We've found Carol and Ian alive. We are working to extract them from the area," the sheriff's office said after a weeklong search.