Fri Feb 14 04:10:40 PST 2020

Forecast for February 14th

Forecast for February 14th

Artsbridge Arts & Entertainment, 2/27/20

Amanda Debarr Stevens discusses all of the arts and entertainment happening around the Mid-Ohio Valley this weekend.

Chef Yancy, 2/27/20

Chef Yancy joins the Daybreak Kitchen to show Brittany and Thomas some hors d'oeuvres.

Forecast for February 27th

Forecast for February 27th

White vs. Booth

David White challenged by James Booth for Washington County Commission

WTAP 5 - Marietta College Entrepreneur in Residence

A business owner comes to Marietta College to teach students about entrepreneurship

WTAP 5 - Bible bill passes Legislature

The WV House of Delegates passes a bill allowing students to study the bible in schools


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NBC News Headlines

Missing Mennonite woman, 27, found dead 250 miles from home

Authorities quickly found the missing woman's vehicle at a church near her home, but she was nowhere to be found.

Patient who wasn't immediately tested could be first person-to-person transmission in U.S.

Patient could be first case of person-to-person transmission caused by the new coronavirus in the general public in the United States.

Driver crashes through brick wall of fire station, injuring fireifghter

The car slammed into the firefighters' lounge area, knocking over a row of refrigerators.

George Clooney 'saddened' over child-labor claims at Nespresso

A U.K. documentary alleges that young children in Guatemala are forced to work long hours for little money picking coffee beans that help supply Nespresso.

South Carolina sued over its ban on LGBTQ sex ed discussions

The controversial law prohibits mention of nonheterosexual relationships in public schools unless the discussion involves sexually transmitted diseases.